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The Lamborghini man

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Bold Ego

Edgy tailoring and sharp designs. Leather with jagged broken lines evoking road-inspired details that dictate style. Now is the time to take on the city with a mighty roar and an untameable spirit which hankers after new and uncharted destinations.
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In perpetual evolution

Sophisticated tastes and a love for sports running in the veins - Lamborghini through and through. An iconic twist and a passionate nature emerge from the official lettering tracing out the names of the supercars and the blueprints from the Centro Stile. Exclusive embellishments that elevate fuss-free garments. Premium-quality materials with an urbane core, such as denim-effect cotton, to soothe an Ego that constantly craves progress and advancement.
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Pilota Ufficiale

Track Training, an electrifying performance. Experience on the track teaches us how important it is to stay in shape and only trust cutting-edge materials. Automobili Lamborghini has created a whole range of comfortable garments and hi-tech enhanced-performance materials that reap the benefits of the mind-defying feats of the Super Trofeo.
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Sleek and strong for a man who knows where he is going and how to get there. Crisp cuts with a contemporary vibe that look to the future and strive towards excellence without sacrificing the glory of complexity. Superlatively elegant materials united by an expert eye and a keen awareness that a quest for perfection is an essential factor in the success game.
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